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Ways To Avoid Water Damage in The New Year

You deserve a great year in 2023. Our goal is to keep you and your family healthy, but we also want to keep your home healthy. While storms are often the cause of flooding, there are also many other unexpected causes of water damage. Here are tips you can use to avoid water damage this year, whether it’s from a sewer backup, a burst pipe, or perhaps even a leaking appliance.

1. Clean Your Gutters

With heavy rain and snowfall, it is important to keep your gutters clean and functional. Gutters can easily accumulate leaves and debris, which then clogs the water flow. This can result in excess rainwater flooding into your home during these storms. So be sure to add gutter cleaning and maintenance to your project list!

2. Check Your Plumbing For Leaks

It’s not unusual for water leaks to go undetected especially if you’re not looking for them. Leaks can end up causing extensive and costly damage to your property. So, take some time to inspect all of your faucets, appliances, and areas around the house. You may be surprised when you find a dripping tap or seeping pipe.

3. Inspect Your Roof

Check your roof for missing or displaced shingles and replace them as soon as possible. Roof leaks often lead to larger issues like mold infestation. By taking proactive steps and fixing your damaged shingles, you can avoid any additional damage that a major storm or heavy rainfall may cause.

4. Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is a reliable home safeguard. This device eliminates water from entering your residence by leading it to a designated body of water, like a pond, creek, or drain. Installing a sump pump is an effective way to protect your home from severe rainfall events.

5. Set Up Backflow Valves

Did you know that when excessive water flow becomes a problem, drains and septic systems can back up, sending sewage into your sinks, appliances, and baths? As a result, flood water then overflows which causes even more damage. To prevent backup and subsequent flooding, install plugs and valves. If you do experience sewage backup, don’t try to clean it yourself – call Restoration1 to have our team dispatched to clean the area and eliminate the odor. We use the proper sanitation procedures to kill any bacteria that may have been in the sewage.

Call Us For Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Water can ruin your property in minutes, regardless of whether it comes from a heavy rainstorm or a burst pipe. By taking these precautions you can save yourself from major damage in 2023.

If you do find yourself in need of water damage restoration, contact our team at Restoration 1 immediately. Our IICRC-certified experts are available to help 24/7 to get the work done right away.

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