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Ceiling and Basement Leak Repairs

Expert Ceiling and Basement Leak Restoration

We offer Ceiling and Basement Leak Repairs when you have water damage

Hidden water damage often occurs within the ceiling and in the basement and can be unknown for a period of time, causing countless home and business owners throughout the country to suffer water damage every day. A burst pipe in the basement could cause some flooding or overhead slow plumbing leaks can damage your ceiling, so we provide Ceiling and Basement Leak Repairs. Restoration 1 Nassau, NY can restore any kind or amount water damage. It is important to have water damage cleaned up promptly to avoid further damage to the structural integrity of the building or mold growth infestation.

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Common Causes of Basement Leaks

Plumbing leaks or burst pipes, appliance leaks, excess water from storm damage, sand ump pump failure can bring water into your basement causing it to flood. Just a single inch of rain can bring over 1,000 gallons of water into your home. We can provide quick water extraction, mitigation and restoration services before the water damage becomes high risk.

Defective Gutters and Downspouts

Most ceiling damage is caused from rain gutter and downspout failure. Once rain gutters become clogged or defective and they are not cleaned out and maintained, the rain can travel into the facia of the home where it then travels into the framework. If there is shingle damage, especially in the roof valleys, rain can come into your roof and down into the ceiling. When your gutters and downspouts fail, water can enter freely.

Hidden Plumbing Leaks and why you may need Ceiling and Basement Leak Repairs

Hidden leaks are usually slow leaks and are commonly associated with older plumbing found in older homes, bust can also be from corroding pipes or loose joints. Before too long, you may be able to identify hidden water damage by smelling a musty odor in the basement before mold sets in or a water stain may appear in the ceiling.

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